Bringing HOPE to Clayton County!!!

 We are now at our new location at Rock Springs Baptist Church!  Looking forward to an awesome 2015-16 school year!

HOPE Academy

Established in 2007, HOPE Academy seeks to provide all students with the  best education available. The dedicated educators at HOPE have committed themselves to providing your children with a nurturing environment where they can not only learn, but excel. We will help your child reach his or her  full potential as a student and more importantly, as a human being.

Our purpose at HOPE Academy is to partner with the parents to help lay a solid academic foundation in the basics of education: Language, Math, Science, and History. In the classroom we maintain a low student-teacher ratio and use various methods to train and teach students. By offering shorter school days, we feel we offer children more time to live a balanced life and involve themselves in other recreational and artistic activities.

We offer an atmosphere conducive to academic excellence, spiritual growth, and personal discipline. We are here to minister to students of any race, color, denominational affiliation, national or ethic origin.

Thank you for your interest in HOPE Academy. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Back to school date AUGUST 10, 2015

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For week of August 3rd-6th      


We are very pleased and super excited to be offering a gluten and dairy free diet to our lunch program this year. Please take a minute to read the testimony below to see what a difference diet changes can make! 

Hello Hope Academy Families,
My name is Cathi Chandler, and I'll be serving on the Hope staff as the resident Cook during this upcoming school year. Food and nutrition are subjects that I don't take lightly, and I'd love to share some of my story with you as to why and how cooking has become one of my greatest passions.
First of all, let me tell you about how I came to know Christ. I was raised in a home that was lacking proper nutrition, safety, and a real understanding of Jesus. It wasn't until the age of 13, when a family friend invited me to visit her church, that I experienced the true love of the Lord for the first time. I accepted Jesus as my Savior at summer youth camp, just before my ninth grade year, and was baptized a year later. At the stubborn age of 18, I chose a wayward path for 6 of the longest months of my life. I'm grateful for my experience in the “desert,” because it taught me that even when we wander, the Lord really never leaves our side. I can sing with joy and gratitude of how “He sought me and bought me with His redeeming blood.” God knew that granting me the gift of motherhood (though I was undeserving) was the nudge that I needed to fall back into His safety net of grace, and nowadays both my boys (ages 10 and 6) keep me approaching the throne daily!
I have been married for a decade to my husband, Chandler, who’s been serving in the Army for almost 16 years. I can say, for certain, that being an Army wife is not a calling that I fully understood until I was sinking in the quicksand of constant deployments, moving around, and the lack of nearby family. At 22 years old, my health problems began. I was prescribed medication on top of medication, and felt like a zombie most of the time. When Chandler received his orders for Georgia, I was excited to finally see civilian doctors for the first time in years. The prescription band aids were ripped off and replaced with surgical ones, and that's when I began to take matters into my own hands. I started on a path of researching dietary changes and herbal supplements, and the quality of my life dramatically improved! I began to devour every article on food that I could find, from nutrition basics to the complexities of molecular compounds found in a single serving of meat. I knew that this was it. Food was my game, and nerd was my name!
Another deployment came and went, and as my youngest was a couple of weeks into his first year of school, I knew something was wrong. He was different from other kids, not just his brother. He had tantrums, sensory issues, and social anxieties. He was very behind in growth, had too many food aversions to count, and he was extremely forgetful. I tried pegging him as just a scatterbrained and spoiled child, but his pediatrician confirmed my fears that he was struggling with a developmental disorder. We started off on the long road of testing through Marcus Autism Institute. Each appointment fueled my fingers to hit the keyboard faster than they ever had before, as I researched one article after another, trying to gain an understanding of what my son was going through. God called me to care for this child of mine, and I was determined to do my very best. I accepted that Idan was always going to be different, but I wanted life to be easier for him than it had been. Once again, I turned to food as medicine. After changing my son’s diet for 6 months, I noticed dramatic improvements in his ability to cope with transitions, sensory processing, and social situations. I have my bouncy, helpful, and witty boy back, and it's all thanks to God’s provision of exactly what Idan’s body needs to function and develop properly.
With all of the GMO’s, additives, and artificial coloring and flavoring that is in our marketed food these days, it's been a challenge to feed my family in the way that God designed our bodies to be fed. The rising cost of natural, organic, and allergen free products is not fitting for most middle-class budgets, especially for a one-income Army family. So, I put James 1:5 to use, and asked God to grant me the wisdom and knowledge on how to do it all in my own kitchen. I learned, very quickly, that God doesn't drizzle wisdom, rather He pours it abundantly. There were days where I found myself weeping on my kitchen floor from information overload, and then there were moments of victory, when my entire family gave me all thumbs up across the dinner table.
I trudged through trial and error to find the best combinations and formulas in order to recreate some of my guys’ favorite recipes. I walked through the valleys of confusion and chaos, and I'm enjoying this new land of understanding and spooning delicious, healthy, fresh, and REAL food onto the plates of the people that I love most. I'm thrilled that you are giving me the opportunity to show love, in the best way that I can, to your children. Thank you for trusting me with their bellies and their hearts. I look forward to serving them, along with the rest of our Hope staff, in August.

Praying, Eating, and Living Fully,

Cathi Chandler

Please help me to achieve a level of Excellence in our Hope Kitchen!
These items are needed, and they are available for purchase, Amazon, or most local department stores. In addition to purchasing items new, I will humbly and happily accept your gently used kitchen items! You can also make monetary donations by contacting the school directly, and mentioning “the kitchen” on your contribution.

Thank you so much for your support, and I truly am looking forward to “breaking bread” with all of your children!

Standing mixer
Hamburger bun mold
Hot dog bun mold
Sub sandwich loaf mold
Sandwich bread loaf pans
Muffin pan
Baking, Cooking, and Serving Utensils
Pasta machine
Large serving bowls and dishes